Photographic: the Life of Graciela Iturbide

Isabel Quintero’s writing and Zeke Peña’s art lyrically move the reader through the life of Graciela Iturbide, celebrated Mexican photographer. Though less well-known than, say, Frida Kahlo, this book shows why Iturbide is a vital artist. The story of her life is not told incident by incident, but rather flows around recurring themes that are echoed and amplified in her work, some of which is also reproduced in the book. Quintero and Peña deftly work together to create a biography that captures the poetic essence of a life and opens up a world of art to explore.

Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide

A poetic and deeply felt biography of the Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide, this graphic novel uses both the illustrations of Zeke Peña and the photographs of Iturbide to move through her life.