Pick a Ripe and Juicy Fall Book—Three New Favorites, plus a few others

There are many marvels and delights to behold as we transition from summer to winter through the season of fall. Even very small children notice and are naturally curious and about the changes they see in the natural world: leaves changing color and falling, temperatures getting cooler, and daylight hours growing shorter. These books showcase the splendor of color, traditional foods, animal habits, and holidays we enjoy this time of year.  

Perfect for toddlers through preschoolers, In the Middle of Fall simply and beautifully illustrates fall traditions such as playing in crispy leaves, picking apples, and choosing pumpkins. But, like so many ephemeral seasonal pleasures, it’s quickly over. With sudden gush of wind, the trees are bare. Winter has arrived. 

Full of Fall succinctly outlines the many changes happening outside with striking photographs of natural places. The addendum includes extra information for readers who’d like to further explore the science behind autumn’s wonders.  

In Wonderfall, we follow one tree, in Michael Hall’s familiar artwork, from the end of summer to the first snowfall. Its short poetry is perfect for young readers with plenty of action words and onomatopoeia. “Apples, apples, ready to munch. Yellow, red, green-crunch, crunch!” There’s also extra information for curious kids (and parents!) at the back about how animals and trees prepare for the harshness of winter.  


Follows the story of a single tree through the changing of the seasons from fall to winter. 

Hocus Pocus, It's Fall!

When the days begin to cool and the leaves change color, the magic of fall is in the air. 

Bella's Fall Coat

Bella loves the fall, and she wishes that it would last forever, just like she wishes that she didn’t outgrow the coat that her grandmother made for her. 

Full of Fall

Simple rhyming text and photographs explore the science behind the transformation that trees undergo every autumn 

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook on Hoopla.  

Yellow Time

A lyrical ode to that time in autumn when the leaves turn yellow.