Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success

Did you know that more jobs are found through networking? Most of us begin our job hunts by searching postings online, but in fact making use of your network is a much more effective way to find a job. That’s great news for the social butterflies among us, but for everyone else the idea of networking can seem incredibly intimidating, especially when it comes to making new contacts!

Promote Yourself discusses ways to promote your skills and talents without being insincere or pushy. While aimed at an audience of Millenials who are beginning their careers, the skills outlined in this book can be universally applied whether you are just embarking on a career path or are a seasoned employee who is looking for a promotion or career change. Topics such as how to have difficult conversations and accept criticism, how to effectively use social media, and how to build your network inside and out of the workplace all serve to provide a welcome overview of how self-promotion can work to your advantage.