Quilts and Quilting

The art of quilting has a long history dating back centuries. Many countries had developed their own special techniques. When emigrants came to America they brought their quilting skills with them. Sewing was not only an essential skill, it also gave women the opportunity to gather socially and form “quilting bees.” Quilts were made from various types of material and had many different uses: keeping warm on cold nights, filling a hope chest, gifts for special occasions, recording family history, remembering friendships, aiding the Underground Railroad.

Today, quilting is more of a social gathering than a necessary skill for survival. The use of the sewing machine has added a new range of patterns and techniques. There is no limit to the variety of fine quilts that can be made. Likewise, there is a wide variety of books written about quilts and quilting, from how-to books to novels to wonderful picture books.

All Things Quilting with Alex Anderson: From First Step to Last Stitch

Get all the basic information you need to start quilting, from selecting the basic needles, thread, scissors, pins and fabrics; to the differences between stitching by hand or using a sewing machine. You can follow patterns or use your imagination and create your own designs. When finished, step back and admire your completed quilt.

A Quilt for Christmas

“William Thomas Spooner – Wabaunsee County, Kansas – 1864” is stitched on a quilt. William has joined the war and this quilt is sent to him as a Christmas present. When William dies, the quilt is found by a Confederate soldier. After the war the soldier returns the quilt to William’s wife, Elisa, and tells her the story of how it saved his life in prison. North and South will come together on that small farm united together because of a Christmas quilt.

A Quilt for Baby

This is a wonderful picture book. In this story a mother living on a farm makes a quilt for her baby. Each square shows a special animal and that animals’ baby living on the farm. When the quilt is completed the mother wraps her baby in it and tells her baby this is where you will grow up. This is your home.

Eight Hands Round: A Patchwork Alphabet

Patchwork quilt patterns are described using the letters of the alphabet. Each pattern describes the life of early settlers.  It is a fascinating look at how families lived and worked together.