Read It Before You See It

There’s a good reason these four books were not only chosen for movie adaptations, but nominated for Best Picture Oscars… From the smallest room to the wide open spaces of Mars and the newness of a big city to the great wild, each story will pull you into their distinct world. Check them out, along with the films!


Five year old Jack has spent his whole life in Room with his Ma – it is the only home he knows. Ma longs to go home – she has been held captive in Room for six years. When Ma finally takes a chance on escaping, she isn’t quite prepared for everything that comes next. The film adaptation was released in 2016.


Eilis has an offer to leave Ireland for a job and life in Brooklyn, opportunities she won’t get in her hometown. She soon finds purpose and love, but will news from home derail everything she has found? Check out the 2016 feature film here.

The Martian

Believing him to be killed by the dust storm that forced them to abandon their mission on Mars, Mark Watney’s crew has left him behind on the red planet. He wakes up abandoned and injured, his survival threatened by his harsh surroundings, scarce resources, and an inability to let anyone on Earth know that he is still alive. Relying on his robust knowledge of botany and incredible sense of humor, Mark is determined to overcome the odds and make it home no matter what obstacles are presented to him by space and time. Find the 2015 feature film here.

Revenant : A Novel of Revenge

Based on the story of real-life trapper Hugh Glass, this story details his harrowing trip home after being left for dead. Glass manages to survive a bear attack and hundreds of miles of frontier in this ultimate showdown between man and nature. Check out the 2016 film adaptation here.