Recommended by PittEd Justice Collective

The PittEd Justice Collective is a three-year working group at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education that is engaged in antiracist, justice-directed initiatives with students, staff, faculty, alumni, families, youth, and district and community partners.    

Like the PittEd Justice Collective, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh aims to make information and resources available to those seeking to self-educate and engage in productive dialogue around systemic oppression and antiracism. In collaboration with the PittEd Justice Collective, the following titles have been selected to spark conversation within our community, as we all work towards equity, inclusion and belonging. 

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A little boy named Clemente learns about his namesake, the great baseball player Roberto Clemente. 

Family Reunion

The story of a boy who is reluctant to go to his family reunion but ultimately finds himself enjoying the large and joyous gathering in spite of himself. 

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook on Hoopla. 

Harlem Grown

Once there was a lot full of trash. Now there is a lush, green farm. 

Lucha Libre: Anatomy – Anatomia

Inspired by the colorful world of freestyle wrestling, this book will introduce your little ones to the human body and their first English and Spanish words.

Pies From Nowhere

This picture book biography highlights a hidden figure of the civil rights movement who fueled the bus boycotts and demonstrated that one person can make a real change in her community and beyond. 

Sing a Song

Follows a family through five generations as each is inspired by the song written in 1900 to honor Abraham Lincoln. Includes author’s note on the history of the song and its meaning in her family. 

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy, a Black businesswoman who runs one of the most successful tooth collecting organizations in the world, finds herself unexpectedly stumped when six-year-old Ballard Burchell leaves a note instead of his tooth under his pillow. 

Where Are You From?

When a young girl is asked where she’s from—where she’s really from—she’s no longer as she was. She decides to turn to her dear abuelo for some help with this ever-persistent question. But he doesn’t quite give her the answer she expects. 

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook on Hoopla. 


Where's Rodney?

Rodney was inside, but always wanted to be outside. His class takes a field trip to the park. You can also check out this title as eBook on Hoopla.

The Word Collector

Jerome enjoys collecting and using words that he hears, reads, or sees, and then decides to share his collection with others.