Redesign Your Wardrobe! And Anything Else!

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Are you getting a little bored with your clothing? Want to make that plain t-shirt into something a little more interesting? Well, it’s actually very easy and you can create your own designs with some materials you can grab at any grocery store. Check out some of these titles to see what you can make and get to personalizing your things!

Even beyond this list, definitely take a look at the library’s collection of classic stencil designs, including selections from Ireland and Japan or the Art Deco stencil book. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our YouTube page, @clpvideo, to see videos with some stencil work and many other projects!

The following titles are exclusive to Hoopla:

2,286 Traditional Stencil Designs by H. Roessing

Masterfully executed designs in reproductions of two rare catalogs: ornamental borders, corners and frames with intricate floral and foliated patterns, architectural ornaments and design elements, religious symbols and figures, animals, mosaics, landscapes and much more. Invaluable to artists and craftspeople working with textiles, wallpaper and other decorative items.

The following titles are exclusive to OverDrive:

Generation T by Megan Nicolay

Megan Nicolay revolutionized the T-shirt. She repurposed it, reinterpreted it, reinvented it—and created the #1 craft book in the nation, Generation T, which continues to dominate. Now she explores new ways to slash a tee, scrunch a tee and sew a tee with Generation T: Beyond Fashion. A collection of 120 projects for every occasion, it takes the humble yet ever-malleable tee in dozens of new directions—from baby gifts to pet accessories, stuff for the home, the car, the road, the boyfriend.

Videos available on Creativebug: 

Intro to Stenciling by Natalie Chanin

Stenciling on cotton jersey is at the core of all of Natalie’s designs for Alabama Chanin. In this workshop, Natalie will teach you how to create the cut stencil and then apply the paint that becomes the guide for all her designs. You’ll see Natalie’s tried-and-true method of air brushing the stencil onto fabric as well as simple alternatives that use basic materials.

Titles available through our catalog:

Playing With Stencils: Exploring Repetition, Pattern and Personal Designs

With 20 clever step-by-step projects and a stunning gallery of inspirational stencil designs from leading artists, Playing With Stencils will leave you ready to stencil just about anything. Stencil art has been around for years, often used for home decorating and for simple crafts, but has gained current interest and cache due to its guerilla use as street art (often making a political statement), and has become a worldwide subculture. Stencil graffiti has given stencil art a new sheen of coolness. This book will show you how to incorporate that look into your work, your accessories and your home.

Title also available on Hoopla Digital.

Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours: Patterns and Inspiration to Stamp, Stencil and Customize Your Stuff

In Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours, you’ll learn techniques for bringing personal touches to objects all around your home. Upgrade your plain scarf with a colorful abstract design. Turn a dresser into an eye-catching art deco showpiece. Whip up a desert-inspired quilt to enliven your living room. Featuring inventive ideas for every room, skill level and time constraint, Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours will teach you to print, stamp, stencil and dye your way to a personalized life.