Romance That Takes the Cake (or Pie)

I just love a good romance. Bodice rippers, paranormal fantasy and cowboy romance have their place, but what I really love is what I like to call “foodie romance.” Give me the ups and downs, falling apart and coming back together, witty banter and misunderstandings of your typical romance and then…give me CAKE (or pie)! The love stories in the books listed below are fun and sweet, but the descriptions of cakes, pies, pastries and other culinary delights are what really make you forget life for a few hours and whisk you away on a sugar high.

Luck, Love & Lemon Pie

Wife and mother, MJ Boudreaux, learns how to play poker in order to spend time with her husband and finds that she has a knack for it. MJ’s immersion in the gambling world leads her to travel to Vegas where she finds herself caught between her family and her exciting new lifestyle.

The Memory of Lemon

Pastry chef Neely’s flavor intuition deserts her during a quest to create the perfect sweet treats for a wedding. Life gets tricky and Neely finds that working through life’s sour moments makes the sweet ones all the sweeter.