Saint Death

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Arturo lives his life out of sight in a Mexican border town. It’s the best way to stay safe in a world filled with violence, especially when everyone he trusted has vanished or passed away.

One night, that changes. An old friend shows up at Arturo’s shack and says he needs help. Arturo knows it’s a bad idea, but his friend is desperate. Their journey takes them into the seedy underbelly of Juarez, where they can rely on only one figure: Saint Death herself.

Saint Death is a dark but captivating read that blurs the lines between crime, survival and loyalty. Read it quickly but expect the story to linger on your mind well after you’ve turned the last page.

Saint Death

Arturo scrapes by living in Anapra living odd jobs and staying out of sight. His friend Faustino joined one of the drug gangs. He stole money form the gang to send his girlfriend and her baby into the U.S.– and he wants Arturo’s help replacing the money before the gang kills him. Looming over Arturo’s story, and Juarez itself, is Santa Muerte– Saint Death, watching impassively as people in the border town struggle in the face of a vicious drug trade, dangerous trafficking, corruption, and income inequality.