Scrappy : Use Everything You Have, Trust Yourself, and Press the Reset Button for Success, the Lolly Wolly Doodle Way

This is an inspirational business story by full-time mom, Brandi Temple, who turned a small idea and some scraps, into a successful, online clothing company: Lolly Wolly Doodle. Her charmingly candid storytelling recounts how she trusted her instincts and a higher wisdom to make a go of it.  Temple began merely to make extra money for her family and provide other parents with good quality merchandise.   As demand for her clothes grew beyond her wildest expectations, she moved from her house, to her garage, to eventually a full-blown business operation.  Her book is full of ah-ha moments sprinkled with tales of ups and downs; and how she kept her family and faith in the forefront while creating a business she could feel proud of.  Never having any formal business training or a business background, she is the epitome of creating a successful business from the gut – knowing what is right and doing it.  One of her angel investors said, “Thank God you never read a business book, Brandi.  Otherwise you never would have done this.”  Filled with encouraging words for anybody who hears the call to dive into a project but is having second thoughts.  She will tell you loud and clear to follow your instincts and reassure you that it is okay to press the reset button.  A good read to motivate you to start or refresh your business or to approach any project you might need some encouragement tackling.