Seven Summer Comedies

Summer is the perfect time to do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it. Spending the day lazing in a hammock or lounging by the pool are perfectly acceptable activities. And just because mosquitos come out at night and force you back inside, doesn’t mean you have to spend that time productively by doing dishes or folding laundry—ick! Stay up late and pop in a hilarious DVD. This list has a little bit of everything with something to love for everybody. From Action to Romance, Sci-Fi to Mystery, and even Horror and a Musical. Let the laziness continue all week long, with some summer movies I personally have binged on in the past.  As always, enjoy!


Clue the Movie

Based on the classic detective board game, follow six colorful suspects room to room as they try to solve who killed Mr. Boddy, where and with what weapon.




Scary Movie 2

Relive the shock and terror your favorite scary movies during this hilariously spooky spoof of horror classics like The Exorcist and House on Haunted Hill.

The Heat

A tale as old as time with a twist: A by-the-book FBI officer and an unconventional cop who plays by her own rules team up to take down a nefarious crime syndicate.

Annie Hall

Experience the ecstatic ups and devastating downs of dating through the scrambled psyche of overly neurotic Alvy Singer in this academy award winning romantic comedy.


Fasten your seatbelts for the disaster comedy ride of your life. A traumatized ex-pilot boards a plane to reunite with the love of his life, but more than romance is on his radar.

The Nutty Professor

When a science experiment goes wrong, a loveable, awkward professor transforms into his obnoxious inner demon. Starring Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, and Eddie Murphy.


Sing and dance through the halls of Rydell High as two summer lovers reunite by surprise and boogie to the last day of school.