Silly Picture Books!

Reading a book before bed is a great way to calm the mind, alleviate stress and build healthy habits. Reading together also creates bonds between a child and their grown-up.

Reading a funny short book before bed is a perfect strategy to develop this habit with lots of smiles and giggles.

Below are some of my favorite silly picture books! Enjoy!

Hello, My Name Is Octicorn

The octicorn– half octopus and half unicorn– introduces himself and tells readers why, though strange and unique, octicorns make great friends.

Barnacle is Bored

Barnacle is bored by the monotony of the tides, and envies the fish who swim freely–until an eel comes along.

Bark, George!

George is a puppy who does not sound like a puppy should, despite the efforts of his mother.

Nanette's Baguette

It’s Nanette’s first trip to get the baguette! Is she set? You bet!


When Cow gets her hooves on the farmer’s car, she takes it for a wild ride through the country.

Be Quiet!

Rupert the mouse wants to star in an artistic, wordless picture book, but his animal friends cause problems by talking too much.

You Are Not a Cat!

Cat thinks Duck should stop meowing and start acting like a duck, but Duck doesn’t want to be limited to acting like just one animal.