Snowy Stories for Sunny Days

Summer is for all kinds of lovely stuff — swimming, sidewalk chalking, reading, sipping on lemonade and catching fireflies. Come August, there are some of us who are wacky enough to miss the quiet beauty of winter, like when the first snow falls and gently blankets the world in crystallized beauty.  These super-hot summer days have made snowy storytime picks especially popular as prize books for kids’ summer reading.  For many friends, the best way to take a bit of a break from the scorching weather is with a chilly story or two. Cool off with some wintry favorites from your library, sure to melt your heart and warm your soul.

Into the Snow

A child plays in the snow and experiences the sensory joys of winter and independence.


With whimsical illustrations and simple text, Snow captures the inexplicable magic of a fresh snowfall on a crisp winter’s day.

Snowflake Bentley

Explore the amazing story of Snowflake Bentley, a self-taught scientist who shared his love of snowflakes through the photographic journey of a lifetime.

Winter is for Snow

A brother and sister help each other learn to appreciate the joys of winter.