Solving Shakespeare

For most people their only experience with the works of Shakespeare comes from a high school English class. Many of those same people, later in life, wish they had more of an appreciation for them, but can’t get past what they were (or weren’t) exposed to as a teenager – strange sounding syntax, archaic expressions, “in” jokes from a few centuries ago, the list could go on. One way to approach and gain a new appreciation of Shakespeare is to think about his works like a package where the box has been taped shut to no end. You grab a scissors and start cutting – the right tool for the right job gets you the gift inside. You just need the right tool to unwrap Shakespeare to get to the gift of  – as the title says – his “big ideas”. So, grab this title, open your gift and see what you’ve been missing!

The Shakespeare Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

The go-to volume for readers looking for context and clarification around Shakespeare’s career and his works.  Designed with engaging info-graphics, timelines, and character maps – this book brings to light the artistry of a poet and playwright whose works tackled ever-enduring themes like passion, greed, love, and betrayal.