Speak: the graphic novel

This 2018 graphic novel adaptation of the 1999 novel Speak is a gripping tale of a teen, Melinda Sordino, looking for a voice, a place, a true friend, a way to express herself and cope with her secret:  that she was raped.   While living through the charade of ninth grade as well as her family life, Melinda crumbles as she tries to deal with her anxieties and fears.  Her family and superficial friends are insensitive to her plight and offer no help.  She finds some solace in art class where she works to express herself.  Despite her downward spiral into hopelessness and isolation she tries to warn others who might also become a victim.  Melinda, emotionally and physically numb, is victimized again.  This is her final straw and she finally finds a voice to speak.  This novel was also made into a motion picture and can also be borrowed from the library.

Speak: The Graphic Novel

A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect on Melinda’s freshman year in high school.