Spring Flings

What is it about spring? Is it the faith that April showers really will bring May flowers?  Is it being able to use your smartphone without pulling a mitten off with your teeth?  Is it that the name of the season is also an action verb inspiring us to get out there and do something?  Perhaps it’s that sense of renewal when the days are getting a little longer, the sky is a little bluer and the grass is a little greener no matter which side of the fence you’re on.  Spring just seems filled with endless possibilities.  There’s no denying that romance is in the air and for the couples in these books, new relationships are full of promise that they might find a love for all seasons.  Or, will it just be a spring fling?

The Rosie Project

Don Tillman is a whiz when it comes to science, but less so when it comes to socializing, so it just doesn’t compute when a friend tells him he would make a wonderful husband. He’s willing to give romance a try, but only if he can bring his old friends logic and order along as unlikely – and potentially disastrous – wingmen.  Still, Don’s love experiment may move from fizzle to sizzle when the unforeseeable and irrepressible Rosie Jarman enters his life.

The Royal We

Studying at Oxford University is already a dream come true for American Rebecca “Bex” Porter, but she may have entered full-on Cinderella territory when she meets her prince charming living just down the hall. It turns out that “Nick” really is Prince Nicholas, the heir to the throne of Great Britain, and while dating him means ritzy dinners and posh society, it also means loads of pressure and paparazzi.  Now Bex has to decide how much of her own life she’s willing to sacrifice for her happily ever after.

Something Borrowed

A drunken dalliance can be bad, but waking up in bed with your best friend’s fiancé is just about as wrong as it gets. Rachel is the quintessential good girl – the one who always thinks about everyone else first – and she knows she needs to close the door on the whole sickening affair.  Yet she can’t help thinking that this feels like true love, not lust, and that doing the right thing for others this time might be the very worst thing she could do for herself.