The State, the Citizen, and Giant Bugs

What exactly is the best relationship between state and citizen? Is the right to vote something that should be earned? And how cool are giant bugs getting blown up by shoulder launched atomic weapons? Few books will let you dwell on these questions at the same time. One such work is the classic Starship Troopers, penned by the dean of science fiction himself, Robert Heinlein. He was as controversial as he was influential, and this work helped seal that reputation. Though considered a juvenile novel, Starship Troopers offers action, spectacle, and philosophical inquiry in equal measures. First published in 1959, the work also showcases ideas about the future, technology, and culture that seem oddly dated to a modern reader. This retro classic is not to be missed, however, by science fiction fans and those willing to wrestle with some unusual answers to the biggest possible questions about people and government.

Starship Troopers

This short novel from Science Fiction Grand Master Robert Heinlein depicts a militaristic civilization at war with aliens, all through the eyes of young recruit Juan “Johnny” Rico. A landmark work in the genre, this novel can be enjoyed as a work of action and adventure or as a tense exploration of different ideas about the obligations between state and citizen.