Stay in and Read

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I am an eBook convert. I resisted giving up print books until I was gifted a Kindle.  

I love that people like me, with shamefully brief attention spans, can carry an armload of books anywhere. I appreciate that offerings continue to expand, and I’m always pleased to find something available in every subject 

This week it seems appropriate to share a broad selection from subjects including health & fitness, crafts, art, cooking, and more. Like browsing the book shelves of your favorite library, our eBook selections are extensive. I most often select titles that are available now, because it pushes me to read books I would never have selected 

These titles were chosen to entertain, encourage, and to help you reflect and learn. If you ever wanted to experiment or try something new, or if simply keeping your mind busy is the plan for the day, this is your chance. Take a look at the subjects listed above for many more options for all ages.  

This week I plan to take a deep breath, find a cozy chair, turn off the TV and binge read. If that’s your plan, I invite you to rate your reads by adding to the reader approved selections.  Please post and share on social media and tag us @carnegielibrary so we can enjoy together (virtually for now). 

The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs (eBook)

For those like me who love America’s Test Kitchen but have never taken the time to learn baking, this book is an excellent place to start. Less experienced bakers will find the content easy to follow. I challenge you to take a risk to make something goodor if not good, at least not bad. Experienced bakers can use this book with younger bakers to help them learn about the tools and processes needed to become a great baker. Now is the time to get baking! You can check out this title as eBook on OverDrive/Libby.

The Little Book of Lykke: Secrets of the World's Happiest People

Happiness is a tricky state of mind. You may only realize you were happy when you become unhappy.  This book examines happiness worldwide and some of the simple changes we can make to increase our own happiness. The message that the happiest people live simply and care about the happiness of those around them is a great reminder to be kind even in difficult times. 

Money Origami

Are you home with limited crafty supplies? Do you have a few dollar bills to pass around? Then grab this title. You will learn to fold your dollar into more than twenty different fun shapes. If you have tried origami in the past and found it too difficult, the milestones on the dollar bill will help guide your folds. If you get stuck, additional content and videos are on Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly after you are done folding. 

RBG Workout

These days it is way too easy to become sedentary. Moving your body as much as you can helps maintain energy levels and a focused mind. The RBG Workout by Bryant Johnson reminds us to follow Ruth Bader Ginsburg and stick to a dedicated routine of physical activity. A forward by RBG about the benefits of exercise and an introduction by the author highlight their relatable fitness journeys. This book reminds us that even if it is only twice a week, we can get out there and move while we are at home. Nothing promotes longevity better than adding a fitness routine to your daily life. If RBG can do it, we can too! 

When Food is Comfort: Nurture Yourself Mindfully, Rewire Your Brain, and End Emotional Eating

I have been talking and texting with so many friends as we admit to loading up on salty or sweet snacks to deal with our stress. It is important to let ourselves indulge but we always want to respect our bodies. Taking care of yourself during difficult times will help you recover faster and stronger. If you find yourself struggling with emotional eating this book can help you learn to manage better, so you can enjoy your cake, and set it aside too.