Summer Reading: Find Your Voice

2023’s Summer Reading theme is Find Your Voice. Easier said than done for many of us, one of the reasons being there are so many mediums to use for expression. From dance to bird watching, it can be hard to find the spark to use your voice in a way that feels uniquely you! Check out these titles from the how-to of writing your story to creators providing guidance on discovering your voice and sharing your wisdom.  

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The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Music producer Rick Rubin provides insight into his creative process through prodding readers to interrogate their own means of expression. Rubin not only contemplates his own artistic methods but prompts others to consider their own paths to a life lived creatively. This title is also available for checkout as an eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive/Libby. 


Sometimes the process of finding one’s voice asks the individual to make sacrifices and overcome internal obstacles. Even though Cece, the main character in “Dances” finds success in her life as the first Black ballerina in a prestigious company, she is plagued by feeling like an outsider. Cece must make difficult choices to choose between her passion and talent for dance, while acknowledging the pressures of systemic barriers and family history to self-actualization.  

Finding Me

Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awarding winning actress Viola Davis details her journey to success and self-confidence. Davis shares the compelling story of her life while offering lessons learned to provide readers with the motivation to find their own voice. This title is also available for checkout as an eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive/Libby. 

How to Tell a Story: The Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling From The Moth

Everyone has a story to tell, sometimes we need some help getting it out. In this book Moth storytellers give readers tricks and tips for using writing to find their voice. Lessons included provide the tools to turn even our daily routines into stories full of beauty and humor, creating connection with the people we encounter in our lives. This title is also available for checkout as an eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive/Libby.

Please Grow: Lessons on Thriving for Plants (and People)

For some, the act of caring for another living thing leads to finding their voice. This book uncovers the rewards of tending to the natural world as we grow alongside plants. In this brightly illustrated guide to plant care and self-care Testere shares the way we use plants to enhance our lives and encourage creative expression. 

Quietly Hostile

Samantha Irby is back with her newest book “Quietly Hostile.” Be prepared to “lol” as Irby finds her voice through essays, unashamed love for Dave Matthews and maybe a few overshares. Because sometimes finding your voice means embracing our bathroom routines and watching episodes of Judge Joe Brown for self-care. This title is also available for checkout as an eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive/Libby. 

Quilt Out Loud: Activism, Language & the Art of Quilting

Quilts have historically served as a means of communication and continue to provide an outlet for expression. Quilter Thomas Knauer teaches the art of quilting and communication through intentional stitches. Incorporating language, data and other elements into quilts creates an opportunity to find your voice through craft. Introduction by Sara Trail of the Social Justice Sewing Academy.  

A Renaissance of Our Own: A Memoir & Manifesto on Reimagining

A “Renaissance of Our Own” shares Rachel Elizabeth Cargle’s own path to discovering herself. Cargle made the difficult choice to leave a life that felt confining to a journey of self-discovery, finding her voice through activism and supporting readers in discovering themselves.  

You Could Make This Place Beautiful

Detailing her own challenges through love and loss, poet Maggie Smith gives readers a glimpse into the possibilities of what’s next and finding your voice through life’s most difficult moments. This title is also available for checkout as an eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive/Libby.