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Polly and Adam meet as co-workers at a beer and burger joint in a small resort town and are immediately drawn to each other. It turns out they have a lot in common. Both are “just passing through” for the summer with no family or friends in the picture and mysterious and muddy pasts that don’t quite add up. As readers we learn that Polly recently left her husband and young daughter and was a victim of abuse, at whose hands we’re not sure. Polly is running from something or someone. Adam secretly knows something about Polly, but can’t quite figure her out.

Adam is a mystery to Polly as well. The voice inside her head is telling her that she can’t get too close or reveal too much about herself, but she can’t tear herself away from him.

And then, a meddlesome co-worker who was interested in Adam turns up dead. Was it an accident? Was Polly involved? Adam isn’t sure. As the sun beats down, we learn more about Polly’s past but are left with even more questions. Will Polly and Adam learn the truth about each other before it’s too late for either of them?


Keeping track of this cast of characters, with their dubious intents and hidden agendas, will keep you off balance until a very satisfying end. Guaranteed.