Symmetry, Patterns and Swirls in Nature and Beyond

Nature is the best! The following children’s books can be enjoyed by the whole family. Beautiful illustrations and pictures from nature and our human made world can teach us about naturally occurring shapes, swirls and patterns.

Mysterious Patterns

What does broccoli have in common with a river? This book is about naturally forming fractals in nature, as small as the veins in a leaf to as big as the rivers and mountains.

Swirl by Swirl

A spiral is a shape that curls around a center point. Spirals are everywhere! And they work in many different ways. Illustrator Beth Krommes (winner of the Caldecott Medal for The House in the Night) delights with amazing art in this picture book.

Seeing Symmetry

This book explains line symmetry and rotational symmetry using examples from nature and human made designs.