Teen Mysteries

It’s that time of year again! School is back in session and you’re going to need a great book to tote between classes. Having an awesome book to read during study hall, and pull out when you’re the first to finish your assignment is a must. Here are a few titles to help carry you back into the swing of things:

A Study in Charlotte

This is the first book in a new trilogy about the great-great-great grandchildren of the legendary crime solving duo Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  The grandchildren, Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes, must join forces to solve a murder at a prep school. As the two delve deeper into the mystery, they realize they are being framed for crimes that mirror classic Sherlock Holmes stories. Appropriate for grades 7-12.

King Dork

The main character, Tom Henderson, is a 14-year-old geek/aspiring rock musician, who loves to come up with funny band names with his best friend. When Tom finds his dead father’s copy of Catcher in the Rye, he becomes obsessed with solving a cryptic message scrawled inside the book.  Tom must try to understand the true circumstances of his father’s death, all while avoiding bullies and preparing for a battle of the bands.  Also, author Frank Portman is the front man for the punk rock band The Mr. T Experience. Appropriate for grades 7-12.

Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions)

This first volume in the All the Wrong Questions series presents an “autobiographical” account of Lemony Snicket’s odd childhood. After graduating from a mysterious spy organization, Snicket begins an apprenticeship under his new mentor S. Theodora Markson. Soon Snicket and Markson must investigate the theft of a precious statue in a seaside town, encountering tons of quirky and interesting characters along the way.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

After Reynie Muldoon responds to a cryptic ad that reads, “Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?” he finds himself in a world of mystery and adventure. Once he passes a series of challenging tasks, Reynie, along with four other children, form the Mysterious Benedict Society.  Under the guidance of Mr. Benedict himself, the children learn that a mad genius has been using subliminal messages to control people the world over.