The Beatles: All These Years Vol. I Tune In

“Let me take you down, because we’re going to…” not strawberry fields, but instead into the genesis of the modern pop culture phenomenon. Very few books have endeavored to illustrate how the post war culture of England, the family infrastructure, and the prevailing winds of music compiled to make up the individuals which led to the formation of a band with a singular intention: to make it to the top of the music world as they knew it to be.  As John Lennon was fond of saying as a rallying point:  “Where are we going fellas?”  Their reply would be, “To the topper-most of the popper-most, Johnny!”  Their epitaph is the lore of generations who never grow tired of The Beatles’ music nor of their history.

The Beatles: All These Years

The world’s leading Beatles historian, Mark Lewisohn, takes an in-depth look at the young men behind the historic band in this first installment of a biographical trilogy.