The Magic and Mythos of Maggie Stiefvater

When she’s not writing, Maggie Stiefvater can be found tending to her herd of myotonic goats (they faint when scared) or drag racing against The Fault in Our Stars author John Green in her souped-up Mitsubishi Evo (she won, not wholly due to John Green’s car catching fire during the race).

Stiefvater writes like she lives: entertainingly, unexpectedly, and unapologetically. Best known for her New York Times bestselling series The Wolves of Mercy Falls, Stiefvater has amassed dedicated fans and an admirable body of work in the 11 years since her first novel Lament was published. Weaving together unforgettable characters, atmospheric settings and her unmistakable affinity for the mystical, Stiefvater writes wonderful books that can remind any reader there is always some magic left in the world if you just look hard enough.

As two different Stiefvater works gear up for onscreen adaptations—one as a feature film, another as a TV show—now is the perfect time to dig into the strange, magical body of work Stiefvater has dreamt up. No matter if you’re a teen or an adult, these YA picks can entertain all.

All the Crooked Saints

Pilgrims travel to the Colorado desert seeking out the Saint of Bicho Raro—or, as Beatriz Soria knows him, cousin Daniel. The Soria family is blessed with the ability to grant miracles, but at a price: they cannot help the pilgrims without bringing down a deadly curse on themselves. When Daniel makes a dangerous mistake, Beatriz and her youngest cousin Joaquin must save him.

The Scorpio Races

Every November on the island of Thisby, men venture into the sea to capture feral water horses and ride them in the deadly Scorpio Races. Sean Kendrick is a four-time champion; Puck Connolly is the first girl to ever enter the race. Both of them have more to lose than ever before, but only one can win. The Scorpio Races is currently being developed for a feature film release by Focus Films.

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle series #1)

Living in a house full of psychics is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re the only non-psychic member of your family. Blue Sargent can’t tell the future, but when she gets caught up in a quest for a long-lost Welsh king in the hills of Virginia, magic, danger and dreamers lie in wait. This #1 New York Times Bestselling series is currently being developed for a TV show by SYFY.