The Nakeds

One spring day in 1970, 6-year-old Hannah Teller walks to school in a California neighborhood without sidewalks. She’s walking to school because her parents are fighting. Hannah’s mom, Nina, just discovered that morning that her husband, Asher, has been having an affair for 6 years and wants a divorce. Hannah wants to escape the arguing.

Martin Kettle is also trying to escape. A young man of 20 with no idea what to do with his life, other than follow in his parent’s footsteps running the family restaurant business. But is this really what he wants? He is withdrawing from his family and turning to drugs and alcohol for the answers.

That morning in 1970, Martin hits Hannah with his car while driving under the influence. In his impaired state, he can’t figure out what to do and makes the wrong decision. He floors the accelerator and drives away from the scene.

What follows is a study of how this one event shapes the lives of everyone involved – Hannah, her parents, and Martin. At the heart of this novel is a lesson in accepting consequences, taking responsibility, and learning from those unexpected things that happen to you.

The Nakeds

One morning when trying to escape her parents’ fighting, Hannah walks to school and is hit by a car. The consequences of this accident are far-reaching, and not just for Hannah.