The Starless Sea

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If a book involves libraries, I’m already interested. Add in some fantasy or magic and I’m sold. 

“The Starless Sea” by Erin Morgenstern has both of these elements and more. In some ways, it’s a love letter to storytelling.  

I enjoyed the references to other books (often in subtle ways that may only make sense to people who’ve read them.) It also includes many beautiful original fables and wonder tales. 

The main character, Zachary Ezra Rawlins, borrows an odd book from the library and discovers a chapter about himself. It describes an event from his childhood that no one else could know about, when he found a painted door and missed his chance to open it. 

As he investigates this strange book, he finds his way into a mysterious underground place full of stories, from ordinary printed words to wine containing magical tales.  Zachary meets people who protect the stories, people who want to keep it all locked away, and a man named Dorian whom he’s instantly drawn to. 

“The Starless Sea” is overflowing with mystery, magic, art, love and myth. It is made up of interwoven tales and scraps of stories that come together in surprising ways. There are owl kings, bees, swords, keys and countless doors.  

Why not open a door and see where it takes you? 

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