The Ten Thousand Doors of January

January Scaller has had a good life, a comfortable life: lives in a mansion, is the ward of the wealthy Mr. Locke, and is surrounded by treasures and artifacts that Mr. Locke has collected over the years. However, two things are missing: family and adventure.

When she’s seven years old, January comes across a peculiar Door in the middle of a meadow, and even though Mr. Locke destroys it, the Door has always stayed with her. Ten years later, January is walking through one of Mr. Locke’s many rooms of artifacts, and opens up one of her favorite boxes to reveal a mysterious book. A book about traveling the world, quests, friendship, family, and most importantly, Doors to other worlds.

This is the final push January needs to break free of Mr. Locke’s grasp, and to begin an adventure of her own. However, January will learn the hard way that adventures are rarely easy, and even worse, can be extremely dangerous.

The ten thousand doors of January

When January Scaller is seven years old, she finds a magical Door, and is told to never seek it out again. As the ward of the wealthy and mysterious Mr. Locke grows older, January always wishes for more, and more importantly, constantly thinks about that Door. When January finds a peculiar book in one of the rooms in Mr. Locke’s mansion, she gets her wish to finally start her adventure, but it won’t be as easy as she thinks.