The Themis Files

Imagine a world where we aren’t alone. Aliens exist and their technology is far more advanced than we could ever envision. Does humanity stand a chance? Enter the Themis Files.

The trilogy kicks off with Sleeping Giants. A girl named Rose Franklin is riding her new bike when she falls through the earth and lands on a giant metal hand – a hand that is surrounded by panels of glowing intricate carvings. Seventeen years later, Rose is now a highly trained physicist and the mystery of the bizarre artifact remains unsolved. She leads a top secret team to crack the hand’s code and find the remaining pieces of the colossal robot. Carbon dating of the body parts defies belief and the technology necessary to create the giant robot doesn’t exist. It begs the question, if humans couldn’t have made this giant, then who did? And if aliens left the giant behind, was it to protect the planet or cause mass destruction?

The series continues with Waking Gods and concludes with Only Human. As the series goes along, the suspense builds and the stakes only get higher. Soon the aliens’ intentions are made abundantly clear and it results in an action-packed, unputdownable thrill ride that might just doom humanity. A healthy dose of mind-bending scientific and philosophical speculation goes along with the action and it opens up worlds of possibility.

One of the ways the Themis Files stands out is the format. Rose and her team are being interviewed by an all-knowing nameless interrogator (who also happens to be very snarky). The story unfolds through these interview transcripts as well as journal entries and news reports. It keeps the pacing at a breakneck speed and puts the reader right in the action.

The Themis Files trilogy is a high-concept, page-turning science fiction thriller that is full of unexpected revelations. Its format will pull you in and its surprises will keep you coming back for more. And those big robots? They’ll make you feel small.

Sleeping Giants

When Rose Franklin was a little girl, she fell through the earth and landed in the palm of a giant metal hand. Now she is a highly trained physicist leading a top secret team to crack the hand’s code and find the rest of the robot’s body. Rose and her colleagues are on the edge of uncovering history’s most perplexing discovery, but once reconstructed, will the robot prove to be an instrument of lasting peace or a weapon of mass destruction?

Waking Gods

In the sequel to Sleeping Giants, the gigantic robot, Themis, has been accepted as the protector of Earth when a second robot materializes and lashes out with deadly force. Soon a dozen more colossal machines touch down across the globe and begin to systematically exterminate humans. Dr. Rose Franklin and her team refuse to surrender and believe they can defeat the invaders if they can unlock the last secrets of an advanced alien technology. Knowledge is humanity’s greatest weapon in the battle to inherit the Earth.

Only Human

In the conclusion of the Themis Files trilogy, scientist Rose Franklin is back on Earth after spending ten years marooned on Themis’s home planet. Rose and her team return to find a devastating new war between America and Russia–a war that is tearing families apart, turning friends into enemies, and collapsing countries. Rose is determined to stop humankind from obliterating itself, but will she succeed or become a pawn in a game that no one can win?