Farm city : the education of an urban farmer

This is the entertaining memoir from Novella Carpenter, the daughter of back-to-the land hippies, and her remarkable efforts to create an urban farm on an inner-city vacant lot in a part of Oakland, CA nicknamed “Ghost-Town.”  The “farm” she creates, sits between train tracks and a freeway, on a dead end street full of run down homes. Novella is an urbanite, and she’s funny, likable and amazingly resourceful. Her frugality and D.I.Y, non-stop, hard work are admirable.  She starts with raising ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys, adds beekeeping and a host of vegetables crops. Only after she buys a pig at a livestock auction and learns that the pig will grow to 300 lbs does she start her nightly dumpster diving behind the restaurants of Oakland to feed it. The narrator weaves, humor, compassion for her community, and a thoughtful, imaginative approach to life that can convince anyone they can take that bare patch of earth and make it magical.

Farm City : the education of an urban farmer

An upbeat, inspiring memoir about a woman who turns a vacant, inner city lot in Oakland, California into a small farm filled with ducks, chickens, turkeys, bee hives and more.  Novella Carpenter grew up farming with back to the land hippy parents, but wanted to do it differently. A true urbanite, her exploits include dumpster diving to feed her 300 lb pig, learning to butcher, and embarking on a month-long experiment to eat only what she raised herself.  This story is thoughtful, amusing and informative and may very well inspire the reader to try to transform their own patch of earth.