“This One Summer” by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki

Beautiful writing complemented by lush illustrations easily makes This One Summer one of the prettiest books I’ve ever read. Mariko and Jillian Tamaki paint the “coming of age” picture common in YA fiction in a new, yet nostalgic breath to tell the story of Rose as she comes to understand the complexities of relationships with family, friends, and love interests, and how they can change over the course of one season. Along with her best friend forever, Windy, Rose finds ways to cope with lazy summer days, her parents’ constant fighting, and the drama revolving around her crush.

This One Summer

Every summer “since…like…forever,” Rose and her parents take a trip to a house on Awago Beach to escape the humdrum of city living. But this summer isn’t like all the others. Rose’s parents are fighting, and her mother is battling a bout with depression that Rose just can’t seem to understand. Luckily Rose’s best friend Windy is there to help distract her