Three Women Read-Alikes

There is a lengthy list of people waiting to read Lisa Taddeo’s engrossing new book that examines contemporary female sexuality. If you are waiting for this title as well, try one of these suggestions in the meantime.

Candy Girl

Before Diablo Cody wrote the screenplay for Juno, she took a year off to examine nightlife gender politics as a stripper, and then she wrote this titillating memoir.

Cuz I Love You

Check out this album (which is always available on Hoopla), select a book from this list, and crank “Lingerie” while you read it.

Fear of Flying

In this hugely popular novel of the 1970s, the main character searches for ways to free herself from male expectations.

The Feminine Mystique

Maybe it’s time for everyone to revisit this feminist classic that posited the idea that women are fully human and desire fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Her Body and Other Parties: Stories

The Law and Order fan fiction you didn’t ask for! Carmen Maria Machado’s National Book Award finalist short story collection is a genre spanning work of art.

You can also check out this title as eBook or eAudio on Overdrive/Libby or as eAudio on Hoopla.

The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage

Roxana grew up in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution until being sent to England to escape the violence. Her discovery of rock music led to her exploits as a groupie. In this memoir, she explores the dichotomy of her identity as both a sex crazed groupie and someone raised in a climate steeped in tradition.

Ms. Magazine

Since 1971, Ms. has been a voice of American feminism dedicated to all issues concerning women.

The Paying Guests

In post-WWI London, a destitute family is forced to open its home to borders. The young married couple who move in shatter the lives of everyone in the house.

Sex and the City

Want to hear women talk about sex and relationships openly, but from differing points of view? This is your next binge show!

The Water Cure

A loving father physically separates his three daughters from the world of men. His death allows male interlopers into their private world and the sisters must then face their fears and confront their curiosity as they interact with the strangers.

The Wonder Down Under

A comprehensive guide and tribute featuring wisdom, science, and humor about the vagina to allow readers to make well-informed decisions about their sexual well-being.