Tuneful Toddler Books

Snuggle up and share these new books perfect for 1-3-year-olds.

Everybunny Dance! by Ellie Sandall is a rhythmic romp with an all-singing, all-dancing cast of colorful bunnies. Don’t miss the chance to emulate the actions of the bunnies as they wiggle, shake, and twist. Be sure to also name the many instruments and imitate the noises they make.

Lost and Found, What’s That Sound? by Jonathan Ying provides age appropriate introduction to musical instruments and repeated onomatopoeia encourages children to repeat and play with words. This allows them to hear individual sounds and enjoy the musicality of the rhythm, both important pre-literacy exercises. You might even be inspired “play” music at home by exploring and making different tones and noises around the house.

Everybunny Dance

Bunnies dance, play, sing, and learn to include everyone in their games.