Life on Earth has gotten tough. Climate change has wreaked havoc, changing the landscape of every continent and depleting the resources that humans sorely need.

Some people, like Mia, live desperate lives as scavengers in the wastelands of former cities. Mia spends her days crawling through the wreckage of Chicago, evacuated when the desert crept over the city and made it hostile to human life.

Others, like Jules, live privileged lives where money and luck has preserved the landscape of their homes. Jules has spent his life following in his father’s footsteps, learning as much as possible about an alien broadcast left to the human race years ago.

Earth discovered the Undying broadcast decades earlier. But only recently did Jules’s father discover a hidden, sinister warning deep in the mathematical folds of the message. When the international governmental alliance tried to suppress this information, he leaked classified information to the public.

Now, Jules, Mia and dozens of other dangerous people are exploring the surface of Gaia, a planet covered in sand, rocks and temples built by the Undying. Only Jules knows the true extent of the danger they’re in, but his message may go unheeded. As the Undying say in their final broadcast: “Onward, if you dare.”


Scholar Jules Addison and scavenger Amelia Radcliffe join forces to unravel secrets of a long-extinct civilization, only to discover something that could spell the end of the human race.