Unseen & Underrated: African-American Films

Tara Staff Image

Check out these hidden gems in the African-American film collection, housed in the Music, Film & Audio Department of the Main Library.


The mixed-race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral faces obstacles while living in aristocratic eighteenth-century England.

Daughters of the Dust

The Gullah have maintained a traditional culture on the sea islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia, and this is an intimate look into their life.

Killer of Sheep

A family man from the Watts area of Los Angeles struggles with family life while working a  challenging job as a slaughterhouse worker.

Losing Ground

Sara is a brilliant philosophy professor with a major problem — her philandering artist husband. She decides that two can play at that game and gets even.

Medicine for Melancholy

The possible relationship between two young San Franciscans who are dealing with upheaval are documented over 24 hours.

Middle of Nowhere

Ruby is a hopeful medical school student who drops out to focus on her husband who has recently been sent to prison.

Mother of George

This drama documents the struggles of a young Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn who are trying to have a baby, and the difficult decisions they must make along the way.

Night Catches Us

A young man returns to his old Philadelphia stomping grounds (and a past love) amidst political and racial turmoil.