Valley Forge

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One aspect of history that I find to be particularly fascinating is the tremendous impact humble places can have in altering the course of human events. Valley Forge, the legendary encampment where the Continental Army spent the brutal winter of 1777 is one such place. Valley Forge, the new book from the author team of Bob Drury and Tom Clavin is a remarkable account of these arduous months, some of the most important in the history of the country.

An engaging work of narrative nonfiction, this book begins with detailed coverage of the discouraging defeats by the British that led the American soldiers to seek refuge at Valley Forge. Once there, some of the most iconic characters in United States history began to shape their legacy. Drury and Clavin thoroughly examine the exceptional leadership qualities shown by George Washington as he suffered alongside his beleaguered army. Washington, along with trusted friends and new allies, transformed his group of starving and ill-equipped volunteers into a strong fighting force, making the months spent at Valley Forge a true turning point in the Revolution.

The events that transpired at Valley Forge captured the enduring spirit and determination that has defined Americans from the beginning. Engaging in this great work, which gives the saga of Valley Forge the detail and attention it deserves, will leave you with a greater appreciation of an essential moment in the battle for American independence.

Valley Forge

Valley Forge is the riveting true story of a nascent United States toppling an empire. Using new and rarely seen contemporaneous documents–and drawing on a cast of iconic characters and remarkable moments that capture the innovation and energy that led to the birth of our nation–Drury and Clavin provide the definitive account of this seminal and previously undervalued moment in the battle for American independence.