We Dig Worms…and Author Kevin McCloskey!

If you’ve got a curious kid with an interest in animals and the natural world, check out these informational books by author/illustrator Kevin McCloskey. Part of the TOON Books series, these books are intended for beginning readers and are designed to look like comic books.

Kevin McCloskey uses clear, easy-to-read text and quirky illustrations to introduce fascinating facts to readers without overwhelming them with too many words. He also has a knack for highlighting gross and interesting facts, making them funny and engaging. These titles are guaranteed to elicit laughs, as well as the occasional “aha!” moment from children and adults alike.

If you want to learn more about TOON Books and author/illustrator Kevin McCloskey, check out their website.

Here are a few of my favorite titles. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Snails Are Just My Speed!

With fun graphics and fascinating facts, this title offers beginning readers an informative introduction to snails.

Something's Fishy: A Toon Book

Some fish breathe air and some fish fly, but the most wonderful fish of all turns out to be the one you’ve got at home. In another offering of the Giggle and Learn series, Kevin McCloskey blends science, art, and comedy to reveal the true story behind the common goldfish.


We Dig Worms!

Young children (and a hungry bluebird) follow a talkative earthworm around and learn fun facts about worms and their important role in our environment.