Whimsical Picture Books

Fantasy books are known for their epic battles with dragons, daring heroes, and quests to save the world. But what if you want a more calming, gentle story that still has all the charm and magic of a fantastical world? Look no further – the soft yet vibrant illustrations in these picture books will whisk you away to places where mermaids swim with whales, rabbits ride boats made from watermelons, and fairies build houses inside of trees.  

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Little Witch Hazel

Four gentle, warm-hearted stories follow tiny Witch Hazel through the seasons as she befriends a baby owl, learns to set chores aside on a gorgeous summer day, investigates an eerie wail, and gets caught in a snowstorm. 

My First Day

The rainy season has come to the Mekong Delta. A young boy, An, sets out for his first day at school alone in a wooden boat.

Oona in the Arctic

Oona and her otter friend go on a journey to help a lost beluga whale return to the Arctic. 

Outside In

Lovely, expressive art and prose invite us to contemplate nature’s mystique and its role in everyday life, which is often taken for granted or goes unnoticed.

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook on Libby and Hoopla. 

Sato the Rabbit

After becoming a rabbit, Haneru Sato gathers stars at an observatory, sails the sea in a watermelon, tastes the emotions captured in different colors of ice, and more. 

Stella's Stellar Hair

Stella travels planet to planet visiting her aunties looking for a stellar hairdo for the Big Star Little Gala, but she is not convinced by any of their suggestions.