Wine on the Rocks!? Ice Inspired Centerpieces and Winter Cocktails

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Hopefully we’ll soon be able to once more host dinners, catch up on lost time and hug loved ones again. When you do, you can impress your guests with this clever ice sleeve centerpiece and/or bowl to keep your drinks cool. Check it out @clpvideo on YouTube. 

If you’re looking for other ways to garnish your glass with your beverage of choice try these Creativebug tutorials out:

Creativebug: Cork Crafts 
Allie demonstrates how to make a bulletin board using leftover wine corks. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on June 15, 2017.  

Creativebug: Creative Wine Wrapping
Wine bottles are a favorite canvas of Megumi’s for creative wrapping. She shows you how to take items you have around the house to create a unique wrap for a special gift or token of gratitude for a host. Learn how to use maps, beautiful paper and fabric to turn a bottle of wine into a work of art.

Once you’ve tried that out and are waiting for your ice to freeze, check out these resources. All of them are available with your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh card! 

Titles Available on Hoopla:

Mocktails by Richard Man 

Choosing to be alcohol-free is becoming more and more popular, and the range of non-alcoholic drink options is growing steadily in the stores. But many of us are still in doubt when it comes to combining drinks with food. From simple, five-minute recipes to complicated but elegant cocktails, Mocktails will teach you everything you could want to know about combining delicious food and drink to get the most out of your meal-no alcohol required. 

Wine for Normal People by Elizabeth Schneider 

This is a fun but respectful (and very comprehensive) guide to everything you ever wanted to know about wine from the creator and host of the popular podcast Wine for Normal People. Rich with charts, maps, and lists as well as the author’s deep knowledge and unpretentious delivery, this vividly illustrated, down-to-earth handbook is a must-have resource for anyone seeking a relatable introduction to the world of wine

The American Cocktail by Various Authors

France has wine, Germany’s got beer, but America is the land of the cocktail. And cocktail culture is flourishing with bartenders across America combining local, artisanal and homemade ingredients to create drinks with complex layers of flavor. From the editors of Imbibe Magazine comes this unique book filled with 50 favorites from some of the best bartenders coast-to-coast offering modern twists on classic drinks and all-new creations complete with a look into each recipe’s inception and unique ingredients. 

Titles Available on Overdrive/Libby:

Cocktails for Book Lovers by Tessa Smith McGovern

From Jane Austen’s little-known fondness for wine to Hemingway’s beloved mojitos, literature and libations go hand-in-hand. Cocktails for Book Lovers blends these in a delectable book that will delight both readers and cocktail enthusiasts alike. This irresistible collection features 50 original and classic cocktail recipes based on works of famous authors and popular drinks of their eras, including Orange Champagne Punch, Salted Caramel and Bourbon Milkshakes and even Zombie Cola.

Winter Cocktails by Maria Del Mar Sacasa and Tara Striano 

When the days grow longer and the air gets crisp, it’s time to gather with friends for drinks that’ll put a rosy glow on your cheeks. In Winter Cocktails, María del Mar Sacasa and Tara Striano share more than 100 seasonal recipes for cold-weather cocktails, like Hot Buttered Rum, English Christmas Punch, Pumpkin-Bourbon Eggnog, Irish Coffee, Coquito, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, the Old-Fashioned (and the New-Fangled!), Mama’s Remedy and the Kentucky Baby.

Titles Available Through the Library Catalog:

Godforsaken Grapes

There are nearly 1,400 known varieties of wine grapes in the world–from altesse to zierfandler–but 80 percent of the wine we drink is made from only 20 grapes. In Godforsaken Grapes, Jason Wilson looks at how that came to be and embarks on a journey to discover what we miss. Stemming from his own growing obsession, Wilson moves far beyond the “noble grapes,” hunting down obscure and underappreciated wines from Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, France, Italy, the United States and beyond.

Drink This

Ever been baffled by a wine list, stood perplexed before endless racks of bottles at the liquor store or ordered an overpriced bottle out of fear of the scathing judgment of a restaurant sommelier? Before she became a James Beard Award–winning food and wine writer, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl experienced all these things. Now she presents a handy guide that will show you how to stop being overwhelmed and how to discover, respect, and enjoy your own personal taste for wine.

Booze and Vinyl

The ultimate listening party guide, this book shows you how to set the mood for 70 great records from the 1950s through the 2000s. From modern craft cocktails to old standbys, prepare to shake, stir and just plain pour your way through some of the best wax ever pressed. Wickedly designed and featuring photography throughout, Booze & Vinyl is organized by mood, from “Rock” to “Chill,” “Dance” and “Seduce.” Each entry has liner notes that underscore the album’s musical highlights and accompanying “Side A” and “Side B” cocktail recipes that complement the music’s mood, imagery in the lyrics or connect the drink to the artist. This is your guide to a rich listening session for one, two or more.