Witches: Radical Figures, Feminist Icons

Let’s talk about witches. Marie Laveau, Baba Yaga, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Nancy from the Craft, Willow Rosenberg, the Wicked Witch of the West – you know them, maybe you fear them, but you love them too because they are so undeniably cool!  

Historically villainized and recently reclaimed, witches loom large in many different cultures. Persecuted by patriarchal communities that feared women’s independence, they have long been heroes for the unconventional, the ostracized, and those who wish to live free from society’s constraints.  

The following nonfiction titles explore witches as radical figures and feminist icons, from a painful past of witch trials to a powerful, magical future. 


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The Mexican Witch Lifestyle

This primer on brujeria, a Mexican-originated spirituality with Afro-Indigenous roots, gives both an overview of this witchcraft culture and a guide to respectfully engaging with the practice. 

Toil & Trouble: A Women's History of the Occult

From the Salem witches to WitchTok, this book documents how women and nonbinary people have historically used magic and the occult to influence, effect change, and find their place in the world. 


Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power

The host of the Witch Wave podcast deconstructs witch stereotypes while analyzing witchcraft’s impact on history and pop culture, from Lolly Willowes to Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Lady Gaga.  

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The Witch of the Monongahela

A history of Moll Derry, also known as the Witch of the Monongahela, a legendary figure in Western Pennsylvania folklore. 

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