You Should Know Her

I’ve found some of my favorite authors through recommendations from library users. When I picked up Dare Me by Megan Abbott at the suggestion of a mystery-thriller reader extraordinaire from the Squirrel Hill community, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure that a book centered around the ruthless secret lives of high school cheerleaders was for me. Cut to several weeks later, I’d read EVERYTHING by Megan Abbott. I couldn’t read fast enough. I had to have more!

Real talk – I love to read *adjusts librarian glasses*… I basically live in a fort made of books at this point. That said, I must admit, I’m a fair-weather reader. I usually don’t read every book by an author, even if I really like them. There are just too many books and too little time. But Megan Abbott’s writing struck a chord with me and I couldn’t help but binge-read her books. I’m drawn to stories that unpack the unusual in ordinary life. Abbott crafts unique thrillers that reveal what lies beneath the surface of friendships and family life, what can happen when ambition and relationships go sour.

So, check her out! Megan Abbott is an author you should know. Especially recommended for readers of Gillian Flynn, Tana French and Karin Slaughter.

Give Me Your Hand

Follow Kit Owen in the dark world of scientific research and intense competition. When her perfect childhood friend Diane is reintroduced to Kit’s world, tension builds and their past threatens to destroy their future.  

You Will Know Me

The family of an Olympic gymnast hopeful is thrown into turmoil after a death rocks their community. A suspenseful story that unpacks and examines how far some people might go to achieve greatness. 

Dare Me

A tragic suicide and the arrival of a new cheerleading coach mark the unraveling of a friendship and the beginning a toxic struggle for power in this teen revenge tale.