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The Thirteenth Tale

Vida Winter is a famous author whose stories have captivated her readers for years. A particular collection of her stories with a missing thirteenth tale only intrigues her admirers further. Reclusive and highly secretive of her own life story, Vida Winter has evaded the truth and disappointed curious biographers with varying false stories for years. All this changes the day Miss Winter enlists the young biographer, Margaret Lea, to learn the full truth of her colorful life and in turn the sought after thirteenth tale. Dark and unsettling, complete with incest, ghosts, madness, peculiar twins, heartbreaking experiments and a game-changing fire, Miss Winter’s history unfolds before a captivated Margaret who is no stranger herself to a tragic past.

       The Thirteenth Tale (DB 63418) by Diane Setterfield was recommended to me by a friend and after reading its synopsis I was eager to dive into the book. I’ll admit there were a few times I seriously debated not finishing the book due to some creepy and unsavory characters and situations, but, I pushed through and am happy I did because though I wouldn’t add it to my list of well-loved reads, it was a page-turner with twists and surprises I never saw coming. If you enjoy a well-written story that will keep you guessing until the very end, this gothic suspense novel is sure to suit your fancy.

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