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The Velvet Underground & Nico: Scepter Studio Sessions @ The Warhol

Heading to the Warhols The Velvet Underground & Nico: Scepter Studio Sessions exhibit? Already went and ready to become a 60s underground expert? Well suit up in your stripes and Chelsea boots because we’ve scoured our collections and have tons of materials ready to check out. (Seriously our collection is loaded with Warhol/VU related materials in our catalog and as eContent on Hoopla!) 

In 1966 The Velvet Underground recorded their first session with the German model/actor/chanteuse Nico. These sessions would eventually become the group’s prolific 1967 album The Velvet Underground & Nico. Even if you don’t know the music you likely know the scandalous NSFW banana album cover. The Velvet Underground would release more music as a group, and singer Lou Reed had a lifelong solo career. Nico herself would continue to tour and make music (some of which is available to listen to now on Hoopla) while struggling with addiction. She passed away in 1988. 

Transport back to the 1960s New York City underground party circuit with superstars, hangers-on and other famous scenesters like Truman Capote and Bob Dylan, all drawn to Warhol’s aura of stardom and soundtracked by The Velvet Underground. For those looking for more to this story the library has a wealth of materials about Andy Warhol and his rotating cast of superstars.   

Queue up some tunes and check out these titles and make sure to check out the exhibit which will be running through September. 

  • The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary 

Listen to the album that inspired the exhibit! This recording and many others from The Velvet Underground are always available on Hoopla. This title is available as eAudio on Hoopla.  

  • Nico 1988 by Susanna Nicchiarelli 

Learn about Nico from her time in New York City as one of Warhol’s superstars to her later years spent releasing solo work while living a nomadic life in the thralls of addiction. This title is available for streaming on Hoopla. 

  • Edie: American Girl  by Jean Stein

I’ve read just about every biography and autobiography by or about those in Warhol’s social circle. Edie is one of my absolute favorites. This title gives a bit more insight into one of Warhol’s best-known superstars. Edie’s privileged life preceding her move to NYC is followed up by the aftermath of years spent in the spotlight and then left behind to deal with persisting addiction and her mental health. This title is available as a print book through the catalog and as an eBook/eAudio on Libby and Hoopla. 

  • POPism : the Warhol ’60s  by Andy Warhol

A definitive history of Warhol’s experience in the 1960s told through the unfiltered voice of the artist himself. Learn about The Velvet Underground’s early days, the light shows, the dramas and even a road trip to California with VU where they found the hippie era annoying compared to their jaded black clad serious NYC attitude! This title is available as a print book through the catalog and as an eBook on Hoopla. 

  • Chelsea Girl

Nico’s album was released around the same time as her work with VU. So many sad songs and always available on Hoopla when you need them! This title is available as a music CD through the catalog and as eAudio on Hoopla 

  • The Velvet Underground by Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes’ documentary featuring lots of new footage of the group along with Nico.  This documentary is available as a DVD through the catalog. The soundtrack is always available as eAudio on Hoopla! 

  • Lou Reed: A Life by Anthony DeCurtis

Learn more about the singer and songwriter of The Velvet Underground himself: Lou Reed. A comprehensive look at the Reed’s life, the writer behind cryworthy songs like Walk on the Wild Side and Perfect Day. This title is available as a print book through the catalog and as an eBook on Hoopla. 

  • Candy Darling by Candy Darling

Any book or documentary about Warhol will undoubtedly devote time to the fascinating Candy Darling. This book gather’s Darling memoirs to share her story with a new generation looking to learn more about the transgender superstar’s life in 1960s NYC. This title is available as an eBook/eAudio on Libby and as an eBook on Hoopla 

  • The Andy Warhol Diaries by Andy Warhol  

Warhol’s diaries from the 1970s and 1980s are a lesson in hot gossip. For those obsessed with celebrity news and history this is worth the weight (because it’s over 800 pages!) Find out the total randomness of who Warhol was out with as he entered the disco ‘70s era. This title is available as a print book through the catalog and as an eBook/eAudio on Libby. 

  • Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol by Ultra Violet 

Ultra Violet shares her experiences as another Factory regular surrounded by artists, celebrities and avant-garde personalities. Drama abounds in this firsthand account. This title is available as a print book through the catalog and as an eBook/eAudio on Libby and Hoopla 

  • Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls by Andy Warhol  

Clocking in around 3 hours Chelsea Girls, a film by Warhol and Paul Morrissey is to put it lightly, a wild ride. Want the condensed version? Try this book which includes photos, stills and the film transcript woven throughout. This title is available as a print book through the catalog.

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