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The Wednesday Quilters

The Wednesday Quilters are women who meet at the library on Wednesdays to help one another on their quilt journeys. A community of dedicated craftswomen, they meet to share ideas, patterns, and inspiration, as well as share opinions and offer critiques. Members include practitioners of all skill levels, and have been meeting every week at CLP – East Liberty for nearly ten years. They find visions for quilts in everyday life, in the patterns of vases and fences and nature; after a while, everything looks like a quilt. They use fabric to tell the stories of their families and experiences. Using both hand sewing techniques and the machine, The Wednesday Quilters present the work of three of their members here. Full membership includes Cookie Carter, Gaily Boyd, Harriet A. Buckley, Anna Redmond, and Carolyn Streater. They would like to remind you that, even though they are not formal instructors, they are happy to help you with your quilt journey, too.




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