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The World Of Harry Potter and Love

Holidays are special when spent with people close to us, but not everyone has the comfort of having that special someone(s). One such person was Harry Potter who was devoid of love and affection before he was introduced to the world of witchcraft and wizardry. While most of us have already read the books (more than twice), there are a lucky few who have the chance of experiencing the adventure for the first time. For them, the entire series  is available on BARD

The story of Harry Potter is not what anyone desires but certainly wants to be a part of. The wonderful school where Harry finds himself at home and meets his best friends is every kid’s dream school. Rowling uses fantasy as a means of portraying the power of love and friendship. Growing up, like Harry, without parents is hard and without a proper childhood, even harder. It is interesting , though, that we do not appreciate the importance of people or things until they are gone.

An important part of the story is Harry’s struggles, and the challenging adventures he gets (in)voluntarily involved in and how he gets through each one of them with the help of his friends and courage. This is also the story of the common man whose life is a series of challenging adventures, which (s)he can get through by persistence and belief.

Let us be content with our lives and spread love around us. This holiday season, let us appreciate what we have and share with others who don’t.

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