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Toddler Tested, Mom Approved!

Two years ago today I became a mother to my son, Anthony. I am still shocked by how fast time has flown, and that he is no longer a little nugget swaddled tight in a blanket, but now is a bouncing, bubbly, strong-willed (read: stubborn) and active little guy.

We have been reading to Anthony and attending story time since he was a baby. Using the library to vary up the books we read to him has been such an asset in our household. But the first time I tried to pick out books for him, I admit it was a little overwhelming!

So for all you other parents out there looking for recommendations and in honor of the little man’s second birthday, here is a list of Anthony’s top five library books (so far!).

  1. On Top of Spaghetti by Paul Brett Johnson – I don’t know what it was about this book, but every night when I would get home from work and sit on the floor with Anthony to read a story — this was the one he chose. Maybe it is the mix of the song (you know the one) and the pretty illustrations, combined with the southern accent I thought was appropriate to read it with. Not sure, but it was a big hit!
  2. Boats, Go! by Steve Light – There are several different “Go” books (car, plane, etc.), but the little man’s favorite was definitely of the boat variety. We had fun (trying) to make all of the noises in the book. Lots of giggles!
  3. The Little Dump Truck by Margery Cuyler – A great little book about a fabulous little dump truck! This was one that he would ask to be read over and over (sometimes 5x or more in a row!). If your little one is a fan of all things construction, this is a fun one that you may not have read before.
  4. Oh My Oh My Oh, Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton – Here’s a cute one from Sandra Boynton that he really enjoyed. I think her books are great! Another popular one by her that we cannot get out of our heads is Pajama Time.
  5. My First Words by Roger Priddy – There are so many “first word” books to be found at the Library. I have taken out all different ones, and this is definitely the one he liked the best. He likes to pick this one up all on his own and flip through it pointing at different pictures and trying to say the objects he knows.

My tip for those who aren’t sure what to check out for your child: dive right in and don’t be shy! Pick out a bunch at a time (you never know which ones they might like, or not like at all), try to find topics that they enjoy and have fun with it.

Allison C. is a Development Associate at CLP – Main. When she isn’t perusing the stacks at the Library, you can find her chasing her active and spirited son, as well as catching up on all sorts of bad reality TV.

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