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Tolkien’s Two Towers

Recently I wrote on this blog about re-reading Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. I enjoyed getting back into that book so much that I moved on to the next in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers. I was again struck by how re-reading a book like this allows one to experience different things each time. The intensity of some of the characters (specifically Aragorn comes to mind) is particularly interesting, as is the way Gimli and Legolas bond.

Again, if you’ve already read these books or seen the films, give them another go! Re-reading, especially something as richly textured as Tolkien’s work, is always worth it!

Cover of The Two Towers featuring an illustration of a ring above an eye

The Two Towers
by JRR Tolkien
DB 47487
In this sequel to The Fellowship of the Ring (CL 16360, DB 47486), the now-separated companions of the Ring meet Saruman the wizard, cross the Dead Marshes, and prepare for the Great War in which the power of the Ring will be undone. 1954.

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