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Vintage Library: Opposing Viewpoints in Context

If you ever had to do a research paper or senior project in high school, you most likely came in contact with the Opposing Viewpoints series for researching those sometimes hot button topics. Each book presented reasons and facts for both sides of an issue, such as the death penalty and gun control, to give readers an unbiased look at the subject.

Today, library cardholders can access similar content for research and school work that spans a variety of topics with the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database from Gale. Users can browse content on over 150 topics as well as search for recently published articles, statistics, and images pertaining to those topics. The database also features an interactive map tool that displays how different areas of the country are affected by different issues, such as the percentage of residents in each state affected by addiction or how many were executed under capital punishment. Most content, including images, includes an audio description feature for accessibility.

If you have a school research project coming up or just want to learn more about a particular issue, Opposing Viewpoints in Context will help provide the unbiased information you’ll need. It’s an ideal starting point when you don’t know where to start learning more about difficult topics.

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