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Walk Down Memory Lane

Everybody in Pittsburgh has a favorite memory of an old store, statue, or other local icon. Some remember getting their picture taken on the Iron Deer in West Park on the North Side or buying penny candy from Candy-Rama downtown. Much like Candy-Rama, however, many Pittsburgh icons have come and gone with the area’s booming industry. Little remains of these places except for the memories they helped make and what occupies their old homes now.

For those who want to relive some of their favorite Pittsburgh attractions with more than just the memories they created, Historic Pittsburgh’s online image collection contains over 32,000 pictures of the area’s yesteryear. Content includes photographs as well as images from local collections including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Heinz History Center.

Patrons can explore the collection by visiting Historic Pittsburgh’s site and selecting the “Images” tab at the top of the screen. Use either the basic or advanced search field to enter search terms or select the “Explore the Collections” option to browse by category. No matter how many memories you’ve made in the area, Historic Pittsburgh is a great resource to learn about the city’s past.

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