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Who Has the Power?

There’s always that one show that everybody watches, but you don’t. For me that was Power. A lot of people that I know watch the show, including my mother. She was always talking about how good it is. I just never got into it until now. The show centers around James St. Patrick, who is the owner of a New York City nightclub called Truth. This is his legal job. His other job is the distributor for one of the biggest drug cartels in New York City. His alias is Ghost. He deals alongside his best friend, Tommy, who is crazy in his own right.

This show has a lot of twists, turns and secrets. First off, James is keeping secrets from his wife, Tasha. One is that there are issues within the drug organization and second that is that he’s having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, Angela Valdes who he reconnected with when she came into his club one night. Angela is keeping a secret from James, which is that she works for the FBI. James of course doesn’t tell Angela that he’s a drug dealer. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The show is definitely a thriller, and just when you think that you have everything figured out another curve ball gets thrown.

The show’s executive producer is rapper 50 Cent who also has a role on the show as Kanan. He showed James and Tommy the ins and outs of the drug game. For most of the first season he’s in jail, but eventually gets out and stirs up a lot of trouble. 50 Cent also performs the theme song for the show alongside r&b singer Joe. The theme song is catchy in my opinion. I’ve only gotten as far as watching all of season one and part of season two. I’m excited to keep watching and see what happens next. We have seasons one and two available in our catalog.

Have you watched Power? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy watching!


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