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Aziz Ansari’s Take on Life and Romance

If you’re a fan of the TV show Parks and Recreation, then you probably know Aziz Ansari best as the goofy entrepreneur Tom Haverford. But Ansari does more than just acting; so far he’s written a book and created a TV show!

Ansari’s recently published book, Modern Romance, explores relationships and dating in a technology-driven world. Ansari could have easily written a memoir about his dating life, but instead chose to make his book more research-based. Ansari co-wrote the book with sociologist Eric Klinenberg, and together they interviewed hundreds of people from around the world.

Ansari’s own experiences influence some of the book’s topics, from online dating to first dates to frustrations about someone breaking up with you via text (seriously the worst). The parts I enjoyed the most about the book though, are when Ansari and Klinenberg discuss dating in other countries and dating practices throughout history. I can’t imagine putting a personal ad into a newspaper, but it’s pretty similar to the online dating profiles of today!

Aziz Ansari’s critically acclaimed TV show, Master of None, just premiered its second season on Netflix. Ansari stars as the lead while also writing and directing episodes. Master of None follows the struggles of main character Dev Shah, who acts for a living in NYC, but hasn’t really “made it” yet. The first season deals with Dev questioning his career and his search for love.

Loosely based on Ansari’s own life, Master of None focuses on more than just the careers and relationships of the main character. One of the best episodes, “Parents,” guest stars Ansari’s real-life mom and dad who immigrated to the United States from India. Dev and his friend Brian (whose parents immigrated from Taiwan) have a conversation about the sacrifices and struggles their parents faced moving to a new country and adjusting to a different culture. Dev and Brian take their parents out for dinner to talk and really ask them about their lives before coming to America.

Ansari uses his talent for comedy (he’s done stand-up comedy and has a couple comedy specials available) to make both his show and book funny and enjoyable. Dev’s quest to figure out his life in Master of None is relatable and often hilarious, and Ansari’s book captures the wacky craziness of romance in the modern world.

Aziz Ansari has a lot to say about life and love; be sure to check out his book, Modern Romance, and catch the first season of Master of None!

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